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NY Developer Cited for Willful Lack of Asbestos Monitoring

Source: Occupational Health & Safety

State Assets LLC, a building development company based in Brooklyn, NY was fined by OSHA for 18 alleged violations of a number of different health and safety statutes, including statues regulating the handling of asbestos. Alongside the asbestos violations, OSHA also cited the company for violations of fire and electrical codes. The violations allegedly occurred at a New Haven, CT redevelopment site that State Assets was controlling. OSHA alleges that employees were handling asbestos without proper equipment and were put at risk for other work place safety issues.

State Assets has 15 days to respond and/or to contest OSHA’s complaint.

To learn more about this case, please read the full story on the Occupational Health and Safety website: NY Developer Cited for Willful Lack of Asbestos Monitoring.

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