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Category: Research News

  • Researchers Identify Commonly-Mutated Genes in Mesothelioma Patients

    A multi-center study completed by some of the country’s leading cancer researchers has found four specific genes that may be involved in mesothelioma development—a discovery that could lead to advances in diagnosis and treatment. Mesothelioma, a highly-aggressive and fast-spreading cancer, is caused by exposure to asbestos. Through previous genetic analyses scientists have been able to …

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    Posted on Monday, Dec 22, 2014
  • Cancer Vaccine Holds Promise for Mesothelioma Treatment

    Mesothelioma specialists often pay close attention to emerging cancer treatments to see if they can help in battling this rare disease. Lately, research on vaccines that treat ovarian cancer has captured the attention of many mesothelioma researchers and specialists. Investigators from Massachusetts General Hospital reported in March that a vaccine they are developing to attack …

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    Posted on Sunday, Sep 7, 2014
  • Early Results of Clinical Trial for Defactinib Show Promise for Mesothelioma Patients

    This article is a correction from the original that inadvertently stated that defactinib was approved by the U.S. FDA. It should have said paclitaxel was approved by the FDA. In November, MesotheliomaHelp announced the start of the global clinical trial named COMMAND (Control Of Mesothelioma with MAiNtenance Defactinib), to assess the overall survival and progression …

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    Posted on Monday, Jun 16, 2014
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